Saturday, April 18, 2009

Altered Letters

Looks hard, but soooooo isn't, and it's tons cheaper than paying $10-$20 per letter to get them custom made. I did Makenna's for her room, and I'll be doing the new baby's too. In fact, I already bought the letters for the wall. I did these for a friend. The picture is not that great, but believe me, the letters looks so cute in her room.
My friend Terani and I just did these for her son's room. We kept them simple, plus we couldn't really figure out how to embellish them since it was a for a boy. Couldn't use flowers now, could we?

All you need is to do them are:
- cutting mat
- exacto knife
- mod podge
- patterned paper of your choice
- embellishments of your choice.
- Glue to apply embellishments. (glue dot, liquid glue)
- some type of roller/brayer to help get the bubbles out. (you could use a small cup)
- letters from craft store (I got mine at Hobby Lobby...for once again....50% off.)

1. Trace the letter on the back side of the paper (front of the letter face down on the back side of the paper)
2. Cut letter out.
3. Apply Mod Podge glue EVENLY to your letter.
4. Lay cut out paper carefully on top.
5. Roll Brayer over it.
6. Wait till it dries, and then use exacto knife to cut off any edges left on.
7. Here's where you have the option of sanding and inking the edges if you want like we did with the Jayden letters.
8. Apply Mod Podge on top again for sealant now.
9. Embellish with Ribbons and flowers or whatever.
10. Repeat for the rest of the letters.

Seriously, if I made this sound's not. And stick with my motto: "You can always fix a mistake!"

Friday, April 10, 2009

Cuttlebug ideas

This, my friends, is a nifty fun tool for scrapbooking and any other paper making craft. It's a manual die cutting machine, and I know that you're thinking..."I'd rather have the Cricut." Well, the Cricut can't emboss, and this baby can. It's made by the same people as Cricut, and I've heard that you can make your own embossing folders with the Cricut and then use them in the Cuttlebug, but I've never seen it done or used it. Don't know what embossing looks like? Check it out. See the raised part on the words below....that's what embossing does. Makes it just a little bit cooler than flat paper. They have tons of designs for the embossing folders, and they are pretty inexpensive (less$6 a piece...or cheaper with a coupon).

You can get the Cuttlebug kit for about $35-$40 online plus shipping, but it's uses are limitless. I bought mine here last year, and I know you can get them here also for a good price. So it's well worth the money. Or use a 40% coupon in stores in town although it's still more expensive this way.

Oh, and I just found out that you can use the folders on acrylic shapes in these. Check out this website here and here to get a few more ideas. Pretty cool, huh? Oh, and did I mention that they have sets of dies that will be embossed and cut out too.

new organizer

Check this baby out: There's plenty of room for everything, and I still have plenty of room left! I didn't even show you guys the back side. Did I mention that it spins? Oh,and of course I used a coupon on it, a 50% off coupon.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Letter sticker organizer

I recently got this little basket at Hobby Lobby for 40% off. I wanted something to store my letter stickers this way, so they would be a little bit easier to get to. I divided the colors with a sheet of cardstock. I hope it works out. I plan on putting in on one of the shelves on the bottom of the desks.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My room

The view from the doorwayFull room view (well, almost)

another corner of the room where I keep my paints and foam stamps

The Storage Wall

Up close of the storage wall

Can't forget the movies to watch while scrapbooking. I'm a ALIAS, Gilmore Girl, Remington Steele, and I Love Lucy fan. Can you tell?
Wooden Stamp Storage

Drawers of tools and punches


Fiber storage - I used to have my ribbons on the spools, but I used them too much and they would always get too messy, so I put my loved, but less-used fibers on them instead.

Buttons and Brad storage in the tilt a bins

Cuttlebug folders and dies

Clip-It-Up - This has also been revamped. It's not so crowded. I put all my alphabet stickers in another place and just kept the clip-it-up for themed stickers and titles.

Foam stamp storage

Miscellaneous tags and frames

Cricut and accessories My printer is no longer down there. It's been moved to my computer table to keep little hands from playing with it.

book storage and layout storage along with unused albums and a few other miscellaneous things.
Ribbon Storage

Acrylic stamps storage

Chipboard letters in the little drawers