Friday, April 10, 2009

Cuttlebug ideas

This, my friends, is a nifty fun tool for scrapbooking and any other paper making craft. It's a manual die cutting machine, and I know that you're thinking..."I'd rather have the Cricut." Well, the Cricut can't emboss, and this baby can. It's made by the same people as Cricut, and I've heard that you can make your own embossing folders with the Cricut and then use them in the Cuttlebug, but I've never seen it done or used it. Don't know what embossing looks like? Check it out. See the raised part on the words below....that's what embossing does. Makes it just a little bit cooler than flat paper. They have tons of designs for the embossing folders, and they are pretty inexpensive (less$6 a piece...or cheaper with a coupon).

You can get the Cuttlebug kit for about $35-$40 online plus shipping, but it's uses are limitless. I bought mine here last year, and I know you can get them here also for a good price. So it's well worth the money. Or use a 40% coupon in stores in town although it's still more expensive this way.

Oh, and I just found out that you can use the folders on acrylic shapes in these. Check out this website here and here to get a few more ideas. Pretty cool, huh? Oh, and did I mention that they have sets of dies that will be embossed and cut out too.

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