Monday, March 30, 2009

Magazines and Idea books

I love magazines and idea books to look through when I'm not in the mood to scrapbook. It usually puts me in the mood. I was scouring over them a couple of weeks before the crop I went to recently. While looking through them, I sometimes will sketch out layouts from the magazines especially if there are a lot of pictures per page. (like the picture above) I love to use sketches because sometimes my little mind just won't come up with cute ways to place a bunch of pictures on a page. But with sketches, then you have a chance for some variety. I have quite a few websites on the side of my blog that gives sketch ideas, but my favorite books for it are Becky Higgins' sketch books. You can't go wrong with those. Scrapbook Etc. also made a layout book that I enjoyed. And so did Becky Fleck. There's one more set of books that I've heard only good things about, but I've yet to get them or even see them, but they are called Blueprint Layouts.

I also like to look for cute ways to use all those embellishments that I just "had" to have like flowers, stickers, and chipboard. Magazines give countless ideas to scrapbookers.

I must admit though I used to be obsessed with them. I received every scrapbook magazine that was made, well almost all of them, but now I don't receive any. I usually get them from the library or I look over them in Barnes and Nobles (if I ever make it there.)

You can even get inspiration from regular magazines too for colors to use together and even layout ideas.

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