Friday, February 27, 2009

Chip off the 'ole Block

Chipboard, I'm still figuring it out. I have tons of it, but sometimes don't have a clue what to do with it. They make letters and images of all sorts of chipboard. Here's a few thing that I've discovered about chipboard. If it's naked, which means there's no color or pattern on can paint it, ink it, stamp it, and glue paper to it. It's very, very versatile and fun to use. 1. Here I painted the green chipboard to add semi-borders to the page.
2. Here I just inked the edge of the arrow chipboard. The arrow is what you would call naked because there is no design on it. I also stamped on the golden yellow circle in the middle of the second page.
3. Here I painted the blue circle, added scallops behind it, and put rub-ons on it along with stickers.....all for the title.
4. Here is where I decoupaged the patterned paper on to my arrow. It's very easy. You glue, you use a exacto knife to cut, and then sand the edges.
5. I also decorated my black airplane with brads.
6. Here I mixed and matched different chipboard alphabet together making a fun title.
7. Here's a picture of what dressed chipboard looks like. See how the title has a design in it already. By the way, I got that chipboard at Target in the $$$ spot.

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Candace said...

By the way... glad you are back to updating this site... and I love the background that you chose! It goes perfect with your scrappin' theme! :)