Monday, February 23, 2009

Wake up and smell the...FLOWERS!

They're not just for girls, and I speak from experience. Check out my collection of flowers before I even had a girl. Okay this was actually only part of my collection of flowers befor eI had a girl. I think I've only bought one bottle since I've had a girl, and...shhhhh....I haven't even used it.

1. This was a kit idea. Take a big flower and cut it in half. I loved it.
2. Use flowers for borders.
3. Use flowers to decorate your own background paper.
4. Use a flower to add oomph to at title.
5. Use flowers to add to journaling.

Also you can stamp on them, paint them, and add rubons to them. You can use them to decorate a frame, a picture, almost anything. Flowers are so fun!!

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